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16 December 2013

Weekly Brew 03 // "AND/OR" Christmas

I live in the South, aka "The Bible Belt" of the US. So needless to say, there is a plethora of churches and religious buildings. And also needless to say, this time of year they are all strewn with countless version of "The Spirit of Christmas" messages. But this week as I was driving by one of these churches I read a sign "Jesus died for you, not Santa". Got me "brewing"...

Why is it such a crime to believe in Jesus AND in the cute, chubby little man that brings so much joy to children around the world? It reminds me of those commercials about "AND" instead of "OR"
"sweet AND sour chicken is so much better than Sweet OR Sour Chicken."
Why is it that in the American society/culture today we have to make all of these choices and then get ridiculed for whichever one we make, regardless of what side we choose.

Yes, my children know the story of Baby Jesus. Yes, we see the nativities and talk about the importance of the meanings. But let's be honest, technically, Jesus wasn't born on December 25. That date was chosen by a council of men because it coincided with the winter solstice which was a theme of rebirth and of the days getting longer. December 25th was chosen to compete with the pagan festivals in order to make converting easier, not because it is historically accurate for Jesus' birthday.

So why all the nitpicking about Santa? Why can't I have the best of both worlds? I'm not overly religious, granted, however I do believe in Jesus, but I want to be able to believe in that childlike magic of Christmas as well. And honestly, I'm getting tired of all the little "do-gooders" telling me I'm wrong.

Dammit, come December 24, I will be one of the billions who welcome the little home invader with cookies, milk and carrots for his magic reindeer. Not because I don't believe in Jesus, but because I believe in the wonderment of my children too. AND I don't understand why there has to be an OR when it comes to that.

14 December 2013

Mixtape 03: Throw It Back

I thought I'd help kickstart your weekends with a new mixtape full of songs an artists from my "younger years" It's just been one of those weeks. I love it! Anyway, you can listen to the mixtape by clicking the picture above or the link below.

What's your favorite song? Find anybody new from this list? Any suggestions of what I should listen to next week?

13 December 2013

Oh Joy!! What I Love This Week... (04)

This week I love...

>> My Coffee Maker. This thing as helped me through really long nights and early mornings this week. So grateful!!

>> My job. Even though it's challenging, I still love doing it and still look forward to sitting down at this desk everyday. I'm beyond grateful that I get to have this feeling. Not everybody enjoys their job, even on my worse days, I still do. :)

>> My FIL. I've been really busy the last few weeks with work, and school, and Hubs traveling for work, and about a billion other things, and FIL has helped me out so much with the boys. I am so grateful that he's here to help right now!!


++ Reading // The Book Apart Series for Designers - They are fantastic!! I recommend them for anybody serious about design. If you have a freelance business or are thinking about starting one, I really recommend picking up a copy!

++ Listening // Plain White T's. I remember listening to these guys in high school, and since then they've kinda slipped from my mind, but the other day they popped back up on one of my Pandora playlists. I'd forgotten how much I love them. Yay for hidden gems like this. Love it when this happens

++ Watching //The Blacklist! I know it's over until January, but holy cow do I love this show!! It's addictingling good! Amazing job James Spader!! Reddington is by far my favorite character on TV right now. January can't come soon enough. :)

++ Eating // Dried Fruit. - Yeah, I am loving this stuff. My parents came out for the Thanksgiving holiday and while they were here, my dad built me a food dehydrator. It's awesome! I've been loving eating dried pineapple and apples while I'm designing throughout the day. Can't wait to try other things. Yummy!!

Alright. So there's my list for this week. What are you guys loving this week? Any new addictions? Anything I should try for next week?